Midori Brass Pencil Holder

This Midori Brass Pencil Holder looks stylish, and is great to write with too.
Ideal for putting in your pocket or bag, the solid brass holder contains a 7.5cm long wooden HB pencil inside. When you’re ready to use it, just attach the pencil and you’re done!
There’s a handy metal clip for you to attach it to your favourite notebook or pocket, and an eraser at the top. 
The Midori Brass Pencil Holder is made in Japan, and its natural metal finish will develop with age. It’s the perfect gift for any stationery addict. 
Approx. dimensions: 9.7cm long closed, 14.9cm mounted.
We also sell a replacement set for your Midori Brass Pencil Holder — it contains three pencils, and two erasers.
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