Hopscotch Nourish Bath Soak

Relaxing and soothing, this Hopscotch Nourish Bath Soak will leave your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. 

We’ve blended some amazing natural ingredients to give you a regenerating bath experience. Coconut milk powder is the perfect way to create a luxurious milky texture when added to your bath water, which will leave your skin feeling plump and soft. Pineapple enzymes help to remove dead skin cells, while white clay detoxifies and soothes.

Scoop the desired amount of product into bath water and mix.

Every single jar of Hopscotch Nourish Bath Soak has been carefully designed, formulated, and produced by hand in small batches in our London studio. We believe in all natural skincare that you can feel good about putting on your body. None of our ingredients or products have been tested on animals.

150g. Glass jar, supplied with scoop.


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