Yellow Mechanical Pencil

This yellow mechanical pencil is not only beautiful but useful too! Made by renowned Czech stationery company Koh-I-Noor. 
A lead clutch holder in design, it’s easy and convenient to use. Simply press down on the top of the pen to release the claw mechanism and as much lead as you need. This gorgeous yellow mechanical pencil also has an ingenious sharpener concealed in the top! Just twist the very top to reveal a dinky lead sharpener, no need to search for your pencil sharpener again! 
With a handy clip to attach to your favourite notebook or pocket, you can be sure not to lose this wonderful pencil. 
The perfect addition to any desk and the ideal present for any stationery addict — this compact pencil also comes in red and black
You can buy spare HB leads or a set of 6 colour leads here.
Comes with one HB lead.


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