There are so many amazing Danish ceramics around but this collection from expert ceramicist Line Rønnest stood out to us with its wonderful simplicity.

These hand cast porcelain pieces are so delicate and tactile. After being cast, the cups and bowls are dyed and then glazed on the inside with a transparent glaze. This results in a glossy and smooth internal finish, leaving the external texture matte and soft to the touch. They really are lovely to pick up.

Line gets the inspiration for her products from everyday situations, eating and drinking. Her work is driven with an aim to produce timeless designs that are both functional and aesthetically beautiful.

We’re obsessed with the glorious colour palette of the collection. With delicate pastels and mid tone greys, this is a truly sophisticated selection, something that would look good in any kitchen or on any tabletop.


We are big believers in making the everyday objects, that you might take for granted, look fantastic. A morning coffee in one of these brilliantly designed espresso cups will make the start of every day special.


If you’re not a espresso fan, any hot drink will taste even better out of one of these cups, an afternoon pick me up in something that looks great.


If your salt or sugar bowl needs an update, look no further than these beautiful little vessels. They also make great homes for nuts, olives or dips. The perfect companion to a hand carved sycamore spoon too! 

Every piece in this Danish ceramics collection is unique and special. They make perfect presents, or treats for you! With different colours, shapes and sizes, there really is something for everyone.