We’re so excited to announce the launch of Hopscotch Beauty! Months and months of research, planning, formulating, developing, and making has gone into our brand new range of all natural skincare.

When we started thinking about this new range at the beginning of the year, we knew we wanted to make something that we would feel good about putting on our bodies. After lots of research into what the current products we were using contained, it was quite disturbing to find out what really goes into some of the brands we trust: Preservatives, harmful chemicals and animal products, to name a few. From that moment on we knew we wanted to create an all natural beauty range, with none of those nasty added ingredients, no preservatives, and definitely no animal products.

We didn’t just want our products to do good, we wanted them to look good too. We love hearing your feedback on our brand, and know how much you love the minimal design led aesthetic we bring you with our product curation. When something looks great on your shelf, in your bathroom, or on your dressing room table, it makes you feel great. Surrounding yourself with beautiful things is something we love, and know you do too!

Once we set the aspirations of what our range could be, we started on what can only be described as a painstaking process of learning, researching, and formulating. It has been a learning curve that got steeper as we went along — an extremely challenging journey to get everything where we wanted it to be, and gaining the knowledge that required. After lots of formulating, developing and testing, we now have a collection of eight products that we’re extraordinarily proud of.

So, let us introduce our brand new skincare line for the first time!


Cleansing Balm

We knew from the outset that a cleansing balm was something we really wanted to develop. We love cleansing balms, and creating our own bespoke balm was extremely exciting. Balms give a much deeper clean that conventional cleansers, melting from a solid to an oil the instant they touch the heat of your skin. They give great cleansing power without stripping your skin, or making it feel tight or dry. We have formulated 2 cleansing balms: Nourish and Refresh (this theme continues throughout our range). Nourish is suited for dry or mature skins, whereas Refresh is better suited for oily/combination skins.


Facial Oils

Another skincare product we’re obsessed with is facial oil. So, obviously facial oils had to come in somewhere along the line. They’re incredibly good at moisturising your skin without the need for preservatives or unnatural ingredients. Both our oil blends, Nourish and Refresh, are a carefully formulated mix of high quality cold pressed oils and essential oils, all chosen to compliment the different skin types they’ve been designed for: Nourish Facial Oil is slightly heavier than Refresh Facial Oil, and absorbs into the skin at a slightly slower rate than it’s counterpart, making them perfect for dryer or more oily/combination skin types respectively.

hopscotch nourish bath salts

Bath Salts

Taking a bath is one of our favourite ways to relax. Our Bath Salts have a mix of Dead Sea Salts, fantastic at drawing toxins out of the skin, and Epsom Salts, which have incredible muscle relieving benefits. This ensures you will well and truly relax during your soak time, inside and out. Nourish Bath Salts are scented with rose and vanilla, and have a dried flower blend of rose petals and buds to make your bath extra special. Refresh Bath Salts have an invigorating blend of Lemongrass and Grapefruit essential oils, with cornflower and calendula petals to help revitalise you.

hopscotch grapefruit lip balm

Lip Balm

Now the weather is getting colder, we’re reaching for our lip balms more and more. Our offerings are made from an abundance of super charged natural ingredients, including the very hydrating wonder of nature, coconut oil. We have two variants of lip balm — rose and grapefruit, so we’ve got floral and citrus lovers covered!

hopscotch refresh skincare set


We have a collection of sets available for you to either test out the range, take on your travels with you, or to give as a gift! Our skincare sets include a travel sized cleansing balm and facial oil, along with a super soft muslin cloth that works incredibly well with our cleansing balms. We also have a Bath Salts Set, which includes a pair of travel sized bath salts with a cotton bath bag to infuse your bath water with.

Every single product from the Hopscotch natural skincare range has been designed, formulated and produced by hand in small batches in our London studio with the upmost care. None of our ingredients or products have been tested on animals, and everything in our range is vegan.

We hope you enjoy the products as much as we have enjoyed watching them come to life — from a simple idea, to a finished range of products.

To celebrate the launch of Hopscotch natural skincare, we’re offering 25% off the entire line for a whole week! Simply use the code LAUNCH at checkout to receive your discount.

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