Yellow Leather Mini pouch

If you’re like us you’ll always have a need for pouches and purses, to store all your precious things away and keep them safe. This means we’re always on the look out for ones the perfect size to keep our money, cards and make-up organised. When looking for the ideal pouch we them small enough to fit inside another bag, but big enough to get a fair amount of items in. A sturdy zip is another must — we like knowing everything is going to be safe. Finally, something in a great material that will last and look fantastic years down the line, not just when you first get it!

Red Leather Mini pouch

These leather mini pouches tick all the boxes for us! At 13 x 11cm they are the perfect fit for credit cards, IDs, loose change and bits of make-up. They also have a super strong zip which keeps everything secure. Made in Italy with real leather, you know these are going to go the distance and survive being thrown around your bag, or in your luggage (these make great travel pouches for separating foreign currency).

blue Leather Mini Pouch

We have just got 4 fantastic new colours of these lovely little pouches in stock, so you can now get them in colour pop blue, red, yellow, and in a classic navy. We can’t decide which of these leather mini pouches is our favourite! All pouches are £12.50 — you can shop them all here.

Navy Leather Mini Pouch