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If you’re like us, you’re always on the look out for beautiful minimal geometric jewellery! Statement pieces are great for that special occasion but simple and classic designs that can be worn daily are something we think is so important. Jewellery is one of the things that can pull a whole outfit together, maybe it’s to make a t-shirt and jeans look a bit more dressy, or maybe it’s to compliment your favourite LBD, having a metallic highlight always finishes things nicely!

Jewellery made from shells, stones and bones have been found from prehistoric times, so decorating ourselves with beautiful things has been around for a long time. When metal working skills improved, gold was so valued as a material it was buried with its owner to accompany them to the afterlife (read more here).In medieval times it was seen as a marker of nobility with only the highest ranks wearing silver and gold, luckily today we can all have access to more affordable gold and silver jewellery.

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When we’re curating our jewellery selection, or when we’re creating our own, which is handmade here in the UK — classic shapes and something that will stand the test of time are key. Having go-to pieces that you know will work with most things in your wardrobe is so important, especially when you’re running out the door in a rush, or have spent the rest of your getting ready time working out what clothes to wear — definitely guilty of that on several occasions…

brass hexagon necklace

It’s super important when we’re picking out our minimal geometric jewellery that we get high quality items for an affordable price, we want design led items to be accessible and fun! All of our own brand necklaces are made using sterling silver or gold filled chains, so you can be sure they will stand up to everyday wear. We also have a range of gold and rose gold plated sterling silver rings and earrings, which are all completely nickel free.

You can shop our entire range of minimal geometric jewellery here, we think there’s a piece to suit everyone, and they all make the perfect gifts!

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