french glass jar with lid


Storage solutions — if you’re like us you will always be looking for new ideas. We like things to look neat and tidy, even when they’re not, and finding other ways to organise your ‘stuff’ is always a win in our books. Well, we’ve found one! These French glass jars with lids are the answer to everyone’s storage solution prayers!

Look pretty even when full of junk? Check.
Have a colourful lid to make everything look better when inside them? Check. 
Completely versatile for all kinds of uses? CHECK.


french glass jar with lid


When we found these jars, we knew we had to share them with you, we just adore them. These sturdy glass jars are made in France, which is stamped on their base, as well as being a feature to the embossed logo on their lids. They have an excellent weight to them, meaning they won’t knock over easily — great for storing tall items, like our colour block pens.

Another great feature about these jars is, of course, the super colourful red lid. Not only does this add a pop of colour to your kitchen, desk, wherever — but it serves a completely practical purpose. You can shove whatever you want into these lovely jars and then shut them up ready to be stored in cupboards, drawers or displayed on worktops (they are too pretty to be hidden after all). There is a strange kind of satisfaction to closing these push on lids too, a bit like a final flourish to your tidying. Lid closed = tidy home, we love it!


storage solution


A storage solution is just one  way you can use these versatile jars, we also love mixing up our favourite drinks in these guys. They put a bit of a spin on the Mason Jar trend that has been hanging around. The faceted design looks chic on any table. If you’re a juicing fan, these offer the perfect solution to storing any left over juice: simply push the lid on, put it in the fridge, and enjoy later. These jars are also great for food storage and meal preps — overnight oats in these? That’s a sure way to brighten up your morning!


french glass jar with lid


At just £10 for 3 of these beautiful containers, you really can use them for everything! Whether it’s as a storage solution, a pretty way to hold your drinks, or somewhere to keep your leftovers! Shop them here.