We love monochrome! You can never go wrong with black and white, right? They go with everything, can be classic but striking at the same time and suit any occasion. Add into the equation the hundreds of monochrome looks that have been in this season’s collections — and each and every season before that — and you’ve got the perfect recipe for design success.

Whether you choose black, white or both together, these colours will always be on trend. They come back into fashion every year (do they ever leave?) and can be dressed up or down to tailor to your needs. This Black Tourmaline Necklace (4) is the perfect example of understated statement jewellery — just the right mix of classic design and a modern twist, which will create a talking point to any outfit you pair it with. Don’t forget to liven up your shopping too with a Hexagon Tote (8), which are designed and screenprinted in France. 

It’s not just you that can be brought into greyscale perfection, you can adorn your home with some too! The simple addition of a monochrome piece such as our Signature Hopscotch Candle (2) to a busy room acts as a chic accent that will fit into any interior. Try a highlight Letterpress Numbers Print (6) in a minimal setup to stay classic, or mix it up with a bright pop of colour to make a statement; the possibilities are endless when it comes to black and white. Your bathroom shelves can be graced with some deep pore cleansing Activate Facial Mask (5), which has not only been featured in Vogue, but also contains Black Tourmaline so you can match your face mask to your necklace! This mask from Seattle based Herbivore Botanicals works miracles for your skin and comes in a beautiful glass jar that you can leave out on display. 

As you can probably tell, at Hopscotch we are a bit head over heels for these dark and light tones, so here is our gorgeous curated selection of monochrome items perfect for your home and lifestyle — all available to buy online now.




1. Galaxy Print Notebook
2. Signature Hopscotch Candle — clean scent
3. Galaxy Print Zip Pouch
4. Black Tourmaline Necklace
5. Activate Facial Mask
6. Letterpress Numbers Print
7. Concrete Prism Necklace
8. Hexagon Screenprinted Tote Bag
9. Dot Print Notebook
10. Bamboo Charcoal Facial Soap
11. Dot Print Zip Pouch