wooden teaspoon

We’ve just got a new selection of hand carved wooden utensils for you. The craftsmanship in these beauties is sublime and we think every kitchen needs at least one hand crafted wooden item!

Handmade in London, all of these gorgeous pieces are carved individually by Sophie from Grain & Knot. Born after Sophie attended a spoon carving and bushcraft workshop in 2013, Grain & Knot turned into a full time business backed by the Prince’s Trust in 2014. Since then Sophie hasn’t stopped putting her heart and soul into each item she hand crafts.

Each piece is sculpted from reclaimed timber, we love the different colours and textures in each item, they really are completely unique. Finished to a high standard and treated with food safe beeswax and mineral oil, these wooden spoons, knives and coffee scoops look incredible in any kitchen.

wooden teaspoon

These walnut teaspoons, with their dark and rich colour make the perfect addition to any salt of sugar bowl. These are also available in sycamore and cherry, so there is something to suit any interior. 

wooden butter knife

The joy of spreading your butter using one of these really is fantastic! These knives not only make amazing butter spreaders but are also great for using with jam or other spreads (we’re saying Nutella). They can also be used for soft cheese and would make the perfect accompaniment to any cheese board.

wooden coffee scoop

If you, or anyone you know, is a coffee addict then these are the perfect gift for them (or you!). Hand carved from walnut, each one delivers the perfect scoop of coffee to cheer up your morning routine. These look fab next to a bag of speciality coffee, we recommend Workshop Coffee if you’re looking for something new.

We really love each and every one of these hand carved wooden utensils, with each one having their own character and shape you know you’re getting an original every time! Shop them all in our homeware section.