Mink Vegan Nail Varnish

Our signature 5 free mink vegan nail varnish doesn’t contain five of the harmful chemicals you find in most nail varnishes. These chemicals, including formaldehyde and DBP, are harmful to inhale and can be absorbed by the skin. They are known carcinogens and just generally nasty stuff!

Our 5 free nail varnish is also completely vegan and animal cruelty free: other nail varnishes have fish scales for shine, or crushed up beetles for colours — none of that here!  

Alongside the health benefits, these nail varnishes are also long lasting and have a beautiful shine. They are quick drying and have a great coverage, supplied with a flat brush. 

This velvety looking mink vegan nail varnish is a great neutral tone: smart and classic.

10ml glass bottle. Made in London.

Also available in a range of other colours, see our Beauty section to see them all!

Please note: due to Royal Mail postage restrictions, we’re unable to post nail varnish outside of the United Kingdom.

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